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 Oakmont Central Mass 
Travel Basketball League


· Mandatory tryouts for each grade level

· All ASH/WEST basketball players are welcome

· Games across Central MA( Sundays)

· 10 game season from November-March

· Optional tournaments throughout season



Boys               Oct 14th

5th/6th grade— 5:30-7:00pm

7th/8th grade— 7:00-8:30pm

Girls                   Oct 14th

5th/6th grade—5:30-7:00pm

7th/8th grade— 7:00-8:30pm


**skilled 4th graders are encouraged to try out for both boys and girls programs

 Players should come ready to run basketball drills and show their skills.  Bring water and be prepared to work hard for 60 minutes in a variety of situations.

*Players are selected based on skill, ability and basketball knowledge.

Cost per player is $175 

Tournaments are extra $



Andrew Sears 978-490-7336


Coaches Meeting is Oct 7th 6:30pm at Town hall 11 south st room 112 

Our mission is to teach young athletes to play basketball at a highly competitive level. We believe in giving them a firm foundation in the many individual skills required to be a strong basketball player. Equally important, our coaches teach their players to use these skills effectively as a team. Our goal is to field teams that can compete at the local and regional level. Most importantly, players at every level consistently demonstrate continued improvement over time. We strive to win but developing players through practice is equally as important. This program is not an equal playing time program and playing time is earned through practice and game performance, however all players will have the opportunity to play in every game. We practice for 90 minutes 2 times per wk and all players of every skill level is given the same coaching and guidance to help get the prepared for High School and beyond.

Of utmost importance in achieving our mission for our youth members is that we focus on the development of our youth members as individuals and as a team. The Classics Basketball program emphasizes three core principles - teamwork, character development, and personal fitness - to acheive the mission. Our team program aims teach young women and men the importance of teamwork by learning to meet, develop relationships, and work with new people in their lives to achieve excellence on the court , things that will be important throughout life. Character development occurs through good sportsmanship in representing their club to the community through our Central Massachusetts Youth Basketball Program. We also encourage the same characteristics off the courts and in the class room. (Players who do not maintain all passing grades in school, may be asked to take time off to focus on their academics depending on the individual player and family situation.)

Sportsmanship Teamwork Strength Character Discipline Dedication

We welcome all children, regardless of race, creed or national origin.

Our league is registered as a non-profit organization. We appreciate the generous support of the community, local merchants, and civic organizations.

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